Holiday Ideas For April

Holiday Ideas For April

Looking for holiday ideas for April? Many people will either be made for the slopes or looking for somewhere sunny to spend a few days or the week. Which of our great range of holiday ideas will appeal to you? To help we have broken the holiday ideas down into three overall categories, you can start by going straight to the type of holiday idea or activity that appeals most to you. To start you will always need Holiday taxis to the airport!

April Winter Holiday Ideas and Activities
It is by no means an exclusive list but here are some local and not so local April Holiday Ideas, perhaps for those that relish a bit of snow and ice.

Among most adventurous of holiday ideas, Antarctica is an untamed territory of wild, natural beauty, as well as a land of superlatives: the world’s fifth largest continent, the coldest place on earth, the highest average altitude, and the lowest humidity. The continent is devoid of a permanent human population, although what it lacks in the human factor, it more than makes up for in mammals and marine life, wildlife and scenery. On your Antarctic adventure holiday, you can witness penguins sliding on ice, whales emerging from the sea and seals playing along with the shoreline – all in their magical natural environment. A huge variety of wildlife inhabits this part of Antarctica including gentoo penguins, leopard seals, orca and the humpback whale. November is best for icebergs and penguins and you can see seal pups from December to April.

Sweden – Lapland: The Adventure Company
Geographically, Sweden is the biggest Scandinavian country, yet has a population of barely nine million, leaving much of Sweden a haven of unspoilt natural beauty. Anyone on an adventure holiday in Sweden can explore masses of ancient, coniferous forests punctuated by crystal-clear lakes; discover more than 10,000km of trekking and bicycle paths; see bountiful historical sites, including burial mounds, churches and fortresses; or wander the preserved, unpopulated national parks of Swedish Lapland with the magnificent Northern Lights sparkling above.

Travel into Europe’s northern reaches and explore the winter landscapes of Lapland. This is an active trip with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the snow-covered forests and discover the culture of the Sami people. The Adventure company offer five-day family tours which include husky safari, snowshoeing, ice hotel, skidoos and other snow-based activities and The Northern Lights (although these depend on the weather conditions). There is also an adult only tour, which lasts 7 days.

April Sun Holiday Ideas
Here is a good range of different ideas for getting away to sunny climes during April, we have ordered it by short haul to the long haul.

Egypt – Sharm El Sheik
Sharm El Sheik on the Red Sea is the door to a magical underwater world of technicolour fish and coral that draws divers from around the world, it is a very popular, and so far safe destination. It boasts a full range of accommodation to suit all budgets from self-catering to 5-star spa resorts. Temperatures will be around 22 degrees max daytimes on average in April and flying time from the UK is about 6 hours.

The Gambia is mainland Africa’s smallest nation, it is scenically varied, with sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, swamps, marshes and large areas of wooded savannah. The River Gambia, one of Africa’s great waterways, dominates the country. The Gambia is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 540 different species. While the country’s parks, reserves and up-country villages are a major draw for ecotourists and those interested in African culture, for many visitors it is the country’s pleasant tropical climate and relaxing beach resorts which are the star attraction.

Southern Turkey
Sit at a harbour front restaurant eating fresh calamari and sun-drenched tomato salad washed down with fresh orange juice. Hike through the pine forests breathing in the scents of pine and wild thyme and oregano. Just stretch out by the pool or one of the amazing beaches and soak up the sun, perhaps browsing a good book and sipping a beer. Southern Turkey and resorts like Dalamar and Marmaris make an excellent April holiday idea, with a balmy climate and lots to see and do, while being accessible to nearly any budget. Buy a package, or get cheap flights with the low-cost airlines. Flying time is about 5 hours from the UK.

Beautiful Bali is blessed with some of the finest landscapes in the Indonesian archipelago. It also has a unique cultural heritage making it a fascinating holiday destination. Choose from the resorts of Nusa Dua and Sanur. Nusa Dua is a purpose-built resort dedicated exclusively to tourists, with clean white beaches and clear waters. More traditional Sanur has a good selection of family-run restaurants and bars and is great for watersports. Take advantage of the regular public transport from Sanur to Denpasar, the capital. Ubud is the place for culture in Bali and is famous for its handicrafts and paintings.

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