Tips to maintain your car tyres

Tips to maintain your car tyres

Tyres like any other component need regular checks and there are some services that need to be done in order to keep the tyres in good shape.

About Tyres maintenance

First of all! You need to know how to pick tyres for yourself. Because there’s a lot to choosing tyres than you think there is. First of all, there are three price ranges on tyres that are known as premium tyres, mid-range tyres and budget tyres. These ranges depend upon the quality of tyres. Premium tyres are the best in class when it comes to quality, performance, comfort, safety and fuel efficiency. These tyres do more miles than others tyres. As the price drops so does the quality. But all the tyre brands that enter the European market are tested and have to pass and receive EU certification before they can be sold in the European market. So they are all safe. But the question is what you can do to get the maximum miles from tyres. Well here are some things you can;

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is done when your wheels are not aligned properly. It could be vertical misalignment or horizontal alignment. Both are bad not only for the tyres but for the car as well. Misalignment can damage the suspension and it can lead to bigger problems. But the tyres suffer the most if the wheel alignment is out. Misalignment can cause uneven wear. And uneven wear can lead to weak spots in the tyre meaning increased chances of a blowout or a puncture. And if the tread on a tyre is uneven than it can cause other problems like less control on wet pavements and longer braking distance and trouble making sharp turns on high speed. So it is really important to keep the wheel alignment in check. You can tell when the wheel alignment in out because if it is then the car will start pulling itself in one direction under a soft steering hold.

Regular check

A regular check on tyres is very easy there are only a few things that you need to keep in mind and sure enough, it will help you improve your tyre life and vehicle performance. Here are some points;

Keep the tyre pressure in check. Less pressure or high pressure can both lead to blowouts, faster wear and uncomfortable ride quality.
Keep in mind that tyre pressure may decrease or increase in different climatic condition as a result of air density. As the air expands in summer and compresses in winter.
Keep the wheel alignment in check and do get the wheel balancing done as well. These both can prevent uneven wear.
Always use summer tyres in summers and winter tyres in winters. Because they perform better in their environments.
Do not run on illegal tread depth. The legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, a person driving on cheap tyres Reading below 1.6mm is punishable by 3 penalty points on the license and 2500 GBP fine per tyre. Regardless of that, it is also a fact that tyres loss their braking ability after 3mm of tread. And they also lose their water dispersive capabilities. So it is dangerous to drive on tyres that have tread less than 3mm.

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